AGA s Sara Slane NCAA statement ignores massive illegal market

The American Gaming Association (AGA) claims the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) President ignored the black market when expressing his views on sports betting last week.

Mark Emmert spoke at the annual NCAA convention last week, where he claimed sports wagering will have a dramatic impact on everything the NCAA does in college sports.

He said: "It’s going to threaten the integrity of college sports in many ways unless we are willing to act boldly and strongly.”

The AGA’s Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Sara Slane, said: “Mr. Emmert is failing to address, or choosing to ignore the decades-old, massive illegal market for sports betting in this country - which includes betting on collegiate athletics - that continues to thrive.

“Surely the NCAA can't support the status quo.”

Slane says proper protection of teams, leagues and fans can only happen when betting is legalised and regulated.  

She said: “Sports wagering is a multi-billion dollar, sophisticated enterprise that, if left primarily in the shadows, will continue to threaten competition and bet integrity, tax law enforcement resources and perpetuate the vulnerability of athletes - particularly unpaid amateur athletes - to bad actors in the illegal market.

“The AGA continues to support the expansion of legal, regulated sports wagering. In the eight states where sports betting is now legal, consumers have a viable, safe alternative to place bets and benefit from the protection of stringent oversight by experienced gaming regulators. Without legalisation, none of these protections exist and we leave game and bet integrity, consumers and athletes vulnerable.”