Betsson appoints Peter Frey in combined CPO and CTO role

Merging the roles of Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Betsson Group has recruited Peter Frey.

The operator credits Frey as being instrumental in developing Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, into the most-visited website in Sweden.

He repeated the success with Expressen, owned by Bonnier News, where Frey is currently employed as CTO.

Jesper Svensson, Betsson CEO, said: "Throughout his career, Peter has shown he can deliver highly user-centric products and is therefore a perfect match for Betsson. With fewer layers in the organisation, we know we can be more efficient, as we did with the successful merger of marketing and commercial, a while back.

"At the end of the day, it’s all about efficient delivery of business-driven initiatives. Holding the combined CPO/CTO role, Peter Frey will be able to balance capacity changes and ensure swift delivery of improvements to our customer experience."

Frey does not yet have an exact start date but is expected to begin at Betsson in the coming months, working closely with CCO Ronni Hartvig on business prioritisation, strategy and operation.