Big weekend expected after New Mexico s first ever sports wager

The state of New Mexico has officially accepted its first ever sports wager, after the Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel opened its sportsbook this week.

New Mexico has not officially legalised regulated sports betting, which is still only in place in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi and West Virginia.

However, due to the Tamaya Nation tribe’s compact with the state of New Mexico, its casino has taken full advantage of the right to provide the vertical.

The first bet was revealed to be a losing one, a $30 money line wager on the Astros to beat the Red Sox (who subsequently won 8-2) in the MLB.

Las Vegas operator USBookmaking is the Santa Ana Star’s risk manager and an article on its website suggests Inn of the Mountain Gods, another tribal casino in New Mexico, is believed to be opening a legal sportsbook soon.

USBookmaking Director of Operations John Salerno said: "The book opened smoothly with about 30 people in attendance, with no formal opening ceremony. We expect a big weekend."