DX Exchange COO Very important for affiliates to incorporate crypto-currency

Amedeo Moscato, COO of crypto-currency exchange DX.Exchange, believes it is "very important" for affiliates to incorporate crypto-currency into their future plans.

Conducting a presentation at SiGMA, Moscato urged affiliates to think of crypto-currencies as a "new revenue stream," similar to how casino and poker were viewed in the past.

Urging the gaming industry to think ahead, the DX.Exchange COO insisted it is "only a matter of time" before crypto-currencies begin to dominate the market.

Moscato said on the SiGMA stage: "I consider it a new revenue stream, much like casino, poker and bingo have been in the past. Most of the casinos out there are accepting bitcoin.

"You will have a lot of traffic coming to your website looking to use bitcoin to play. You can add a widget on your website to buy and sell crypto.

"The crypto industry is growing. It’s very important for affiliates to start building. It’s only a matter of time before crypto-currencies take over."