Gambling Commission partners with Twitter for content guidance

The Gambling Commission has partnered with Twitter to help people reduce the amount of gambling-related content they see on the platform.

This is the first social media company the Gambling Commission has partnered with on such an initiative and it hopes to produce similar advice for other platforms.

The regulator has set out guidelines telling people how to unfollow accounts, as well as how to mute words and conversations, and manage your interests on Twitter.

It is just guidance however, as the features explained can all be used on Twitter currently and nothing barring the actual advice is being introduced.

But this does show the Gambling Commission is keen to look into online and social media practices, while it could be a sign of increased involvement later down the line.

Katy Minshall, Head of UK Public Policy for Twitter, said: “We’re happy to partner with the Gambling Commission in providing those on Twitter with information on the tools and controls they can use to manage their experience."