Gambling Commission urges companies to avoid advertising regulation storm

Gambling Commission Programme Director Ian Angus has issued a warning to companies over the level of gambling advertising within the UK.

Speaking at an event named Responsible Marketing for Gambling Operators, Angus criticised the standards of betting adverts, as well as discussing the volume of television advertising and the amount of adverts that appeal to under-18s.

Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson recently discussed the possibility of banning gambling advertising during live televised sport, and Angus wants operators and affiliates to step up and avoid precautionary measures being put in place.

Angus is quoted as saying: "My advice to you is this: a storm is gathering, but it can be avoided. Learn from the mistakes of the past – listen to what the public is saying and put responsible advertising standards at the very heart of your business.

"Don’t wait for the storm clouds to burst and precautionary measures to be triggered. Step up now and own this."

Advertising regulation has been a hot topic within the gambling industry recently and, at the same event, Remote Gambling Association CEO Clive Hawkswood was keen to point out the industry has not been ignoring the issue.

He said: “There have been unfortunate lapses. However, any suggestion that the industry has been ignoring the warning signs is very wide of the mark."