Gaming legislation Amendment 3 passed in Florida

Florida’s constitutional amendment regarding gambling has been passed, despite the best efforts of NFL side Miami Dolphins urging fans to vote against it.

The NFL side had taken to its social media channels encouraging fans to reject Amendment 3, considering any future attempts to legalise sports betting in the Sunshine State.

While it is legal in Florida to bet on casino games, online poker, lottery and bingo, sports betting – such as wagering on the NFL, for example – is prohibited.

The people of Florida will now have the final say on deciding if sports gambling will be made legal, where a minimum of 60% of votes will need to be attained. This will increase the difficulty of implementing sports betting in Florida.

The Walt Disney Company, owner of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, made it clear it was in favour of the amendment, investing $20 million to support the campaign.

Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Wahler said: "Amendment 3 returns the decision to Florida voters and enables them to have the final say on the issue. We oppose the expansion of casino gambling in Florida because it risks our state’s reputation as a family-friendly destination."