Global Gaming CGO Sweden market and sports betting are on our agenda

Chief Growth Officer Alessandro Focardi spoke exclusively to Gambling Insider about Global Gaming's success and drawbacks and what 2019 holds for the gaming group.

Can you explain to me why you believe Global Gaming is a challenger in the online gaming industry?

I think it’s enough to look at the explosive growth we have experienced both in Sweden and other markets over the past couple of years. We have spearheaded a dramatic shift in the user experience by being one of the first operators to embrace the no-registration concept and PayNPlay, giving players much quicker and easier access to their funds.

Can you explain more about the concept of PayNPlay?

We had set off on a mission to remove friction in the player experience, a mission in which the PayNPlay concept played a key role. Players were quick to embrace the ease of use it entails and an entirely new market segment of “no-registration casinos” came about in the process so I’d call that a rip-roaring success.

As further evidence to its success, we have been growing exponentially over the past couple of years, as a direct result of our execution of the PayNPlay concept.

What measures do you have in place to make sure players are over 18 and all security checks are passed with players not having a detailed registration?

Simply put, we have created a completely secure environment by ensuring we KYC all customers and the information is collected directly from their banking system, so its completeness and quality are guaranteed. That gives us more information on our users than most of our competitors.

This way, we always know if players are over 18 and who they are, which greatly enhances the responsible gaming aspect of our games. In the case of traditional online casinos, players that shouldn’t have been allowed to play often carry on playing until they’re found out, which simply cannot happen with us as they wouldn’t be able to access the games.

PayNPlay also eliminates money laundering and fraud issues as it exists in a closed loop with the banking system.

Last month, Global Gaming's CEO Joacim Möller said Global Gaming's Swedish brand SpelLandet has not been performing to the desired expectations. How do you plan to address this moving forward?

We admittedly are a very ambitious company, and very high expectations are part of our DNA so, not surprisingly, we had set massively ambitious goals for SpelLandet. When we realised it was not performing to our standards, we decided to remap the whole experience and tailor it to our users to enhance the overall experience.

Moving forward, we are keeping an eye on SpelLandet so we can identify and address the pain points and provide a much better experience to our users and a different segment of the Swedish population.

NettiCasino is a Finnish casino within Global Gaming group. What success has it had and if so, how has this been achieved?

Global Gaming’s presence in Finland goes back all the way to when we used to be called LMA Gaming, before our merger with Connected Table AB in 2016. In fact, before the launch of Ninja Casino, NettiCasino was our top brand, so our early success is Netti’s success.

How was it successful? A lot of top-notch SEO work went into it, along with a deep understanding of what makes Finnish players culturally unique and customising our marketing activities to their unique taste and expectations. 

What are the next steps for Global Gaming? What's in motion for 2019?

One of the main items on our 2019 agenda is the newly regulated Swedish market, where we were recently granted a license by the Swedish Gaming Authority. The new regulation will bring about a major shift and we are now one of the top casinos in Sweden, so we will be working on providing more value to our users and leveraging the opportunities afforded by the implementation of the new platform.

Another major item is the sportsbook. You may recall we have announced a partnership with Kambi and we are working on a winning concept with the soon-to-be-launched sports betting product.

We will also be looking at scaling opportunities: how to scale the products and gain an even better understanding of our users. We firmly believe that the road to success is all about personalisation and that’s one of the main focus areas for us moving forward.