Kambi US director Land-based casinos are not going anywhere

Kambi US Director Max Bichsel believes retail sports betting will continue to be a "pillar" in the US market for a long time to come.

Following the early success of digital wagering in New Jersey, more states are pushing for the availability of online and mobile betting.

Bichsel, however, believes land-based casinos in the US are "not going anywhere."

Asked if the emergence of online sports wagering will lead to any cannibalisation, Bichsel told Gambling Insider: "There may be some cannibalisation but, ultimately, retail drives revenue and has a significant impact on the bottom line, as well as other parts of the business.

"These land-based casinos are not going anywhere. All over the world, there are mobile solutions existing alongside retail.

"So, until that revenue goes to zero, I don’t expect retail sports betting to go anywhere in the US; I think it will continue to be a pillar as states get comfortable with sports betting in general."

Bichsel was speaking exclusively for the March/April edition of Gaming America. Click here to read the full interview.