MLB annual revenue could increase by 1 1bn from sports betting

MLB annual revenue could rise by $1.1bn thanks to legalised sports betting, according to a study commissioned by the American Gaming Association (AGA).

A Nielsen sports study found that MLB would be the second-biggest beneficiary of widely available regulated sports betting, with previous research suggesting the NFL could make $2.3bn a year.

The newly released research also states the NBA could make $585m a year from sports betting, a smaller total than the MLB and NFL but higher than the NHL’s $216m a year.

According to the study, revenue would be generated by operator spending on advertising, data and sponsorship, as well as increased consumption of the leagues' media and products.

Over 1,000 sports fans and self-identified sports bettors were questioned as part of the research.

Sara Slane, AGA Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, said: “The four major sports leagues will earn a collective $4.2 billion from widely available legal sports betting, further proving that working together with the gaming industry will pay dividends for all sports stakeholders.”

Slane was recently involved in a debate on integrity fees at G2E, dismissing calls from the MLB for a 0.25% levy on all sports betting activities.

She said: “I mean, look, you want a cut of the revenue without any of the risk that's associated with it. You want us to take that risk, pay you and then you are going to benefit on the back end as well.”