PwC report US leagues set to feel boost in several areas from sports betting

Sport betting in the US is expected to increase North American major league revenue and expand the country’s consumption of sport, a PwC report has shown.

In the NFL alone, a total of $2.3bn is projected in total revenue, with $573m expected directly from operators, sponsorship and product fees.

The findings highlight the areas expected to experience revenue rises and an expanding market size, and which external sectors will help to push the overall growth.

A total of $1.7bn is projected to be received from activities not directly linked to betting, but the added consumption levels which will inevitably occur as a by-product of sports betting.

PwC predicts fan engagement revenue in the NFL to see gains of 7% through sponsorship and 18% through media rights.

Merchandise and ticket sales are also expected to play a role, increasing fan engagement revenue by 2% and 6% respectively.

In its report, PwC addresses fan attendance and believes the introduction of sports betting in North American major leagues will help maintain or even grow stadium attendance numbers.