SBTech CEO exclusive American odds are here to stay

SBTech CEO Richard Carter can see US sports bettors “adapting rapidly” to in-play markets but feels American odds are “here to stay.”

A number of European suppliers and operators have entered the US sports betting market since the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May, leading to what should prove an interesting mix of strategies.

Of the numerous European exports, Carter believes in-play betting is sure to impact the US market with time.

However, Carter thinks American odds – presented differently to fractions and decimals – will not be stamped out of the industry by a European invasion.

He told Gambling Insider: “I think American odds are here to stay, but we can offer greater choice to players through ever-improving UI.

“However, the actual odds presentation is less relevant for customers who play online and via self-service betting terminals, since the relationship between stake and returns is transparent as they build their bets.

“In-play is obviously a huge opportunity and as US sports players become more accustomed to these new bet types, I believe we’ll see them adapting rapidly to the more traditional European mix of pre-match and in-play, although this will take time.”

Outside the US, Carter says SBTech is focusing on entering the French and South African markets, as well as taking a “close look” at Latin American countries.

He explained: “In the near term, we are focused on entering the French sports betting space with several partners and are eyeing entry into South Africa.

“We will also take a close look at additional LatAm markets as the regulatory environment evolves."

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