Sporting Index gets first spread betting app on Google Play store

The first of the newly allowed sports betting apps has arrived on the Google Play store. Sporting Index has brought their spread betting up onto the market.

Sporting Index is a London-based sports spread betting business and owner of an estimated 80% of their specialist market share.

The new app was made available after Google recently lifted their ban on all gambling apps on the Play store. The end of the ban should open the door to several new gaming apps being available in the near future. 65% of mobile devices are android making the potential for expansion into the phone based gambling market huge for the Gaming industry.

Jamie Adams, Product Manager at Sporting Index, commented: “We’ve been fully focused on improving and developing the technological side of the company, so we’re pleased to be able to expand our reach with the new android app.”

Players who download the app on their computer will have the ability to synchronise with their mobile device in order to store information such as favourite teams and sports.

Adams added: “It’s a tremendously exciting time at Sporting Index and the new android app is just the start of a number of new innovations in the pipeline.”

There are vast number of new users to be accessed on the android platforms that had previously been unable to gamble on the go. Therefore the developers of the first few gambling apps on the site such as Sporting Index will benefit from a lack of competition and increased marketability.